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Wall Street DeFi Gems 💎

لوگوی کانال تلگرام wallstreetdefigems — Wall Street DeFi Gems 💎 W
لوگوی کانال تلگرام wallstreetdefigems — Wall Street DeFi Gems 💎
آدرس کانال: @wallstreetdefigems
دسته بندی ها: ارزهای رمزنگاری شده , DeFi
زبان: فارسی
مشترکین: 2.49K
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Contact: @KevinStaker

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2023-03-20 11:22:37
These #Blockchain have seen the BIGGEST Movement in Trading Volumes over the past 7Days

Picking up in activity they have become of Interest to many #Crypto users

Weekly Volume Increase:
1.1K views08:22
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2023-03-03 13:23:52
Top Outstanding #Blockchain #Game Projects

#GameFi #Web3gaming #NFTGame
1.1K views10:23
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2023-01-15 20:48:13
The upcoming integration of #NFT horse renting is about to completely remodel current game dynamics

More $DERC & NFT utility
Building foundation for guilds
Growing #DeRace player-base
Unlocking more player rewards
Encouraging NFT horse trade
Growing DAU

& much more!
1.4K views17:48
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2023-01-13 16:55:46
Supercharge your #Crypto trading & research with these TOP-TIER Analytics Platforms

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2022-11-17 16:04:44

One Click Crypto AI is backed by the power of neural networks. Supplied by the concept of evolutionary strategies, neural networks are well suited technology to predict price movements in the chaotic environments like cryptocurrency markets. One Click Crypto builds products like One Click AI Trade, One Click Wallet, One Click Farming, that bring utility and simple user experience to blockchain.

They have partnered with Binance, FTX, , Bitpanda , Kraken , Bitvavo.

Token Information
Total Supply:
Network: BSC
Contract Address:
Buy/Sell Tax:
0.1% (0.05% burned, 0.05% dev wallet)

They have recently announced a $1,000,000
airdrop for OBT holders

Social Medias:
Twitter > Follow
Discord > Join
Buy on > Pancakeswap
1.8K views13:04
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2022-06-15 15:20:08 Famous French artist Julien Durix dropping his first NFT collection GENESIS.
Artist’s physical artworks are now evaluated at up to $50k on the market. NFT collection will be a great opportunity to purchase Durix’s art for those who couldn’t afford physical art pieces.
Soundtrack of NFTs will be composed by legendary producer Scott Storch, who has collaborated with the greatest artists: Dr. Dre, Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent and many more.
111 unique NFT will be created together with the most successful French basketball player of all time in the NBA and future hall of famer, Tony Parker.
Total NFT supply: 5 555, floor price: 0.28 ETH
4.7K views12:20
باز کردن / نظر دهید
2022-05-20 15:01:55
Gnome Mines

Don't miss $GMINES

IDO Listing on Pinksale, run and buy your $GMINES Tokens

Pinksale Link:

Gnome Mines is a Play 2 Earn game that you may like playing. A game in which players take charge of a gnome crew that is sent to work in a mine that contains precious ore. Every day, the gnomes get up early to go into the mines and gather as much ore as they can throughout the day. Get your best team together and go to the mines, where they may be rewarded for their efforts.

Mine to Earn
Soft cap: 472BNB
Hard cap: 944BNB
Liquidity locked in 1 years
Audit SolidProof
KYC CoinScope

Official Links:
PinkSale | Website | Twitter | Channel | TG Official | Discord | Docs |
4.2K views12:01
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2022-04-16 01:41:23
Airdrop: Baktat Round 2
Value: $30,000 $BAKTAT Pool
Referral: 10 Points
End Date: 15 May 2022
Distribution Date: After Listing in Exchange

Talk with the Telegram Bot

Step-by-step guide:
Complete all the tasks
Submit your BSC Wallet address
You will get +10 points for each valid referral

Baktat, an international company headquartered in Germany and founded in 1986 specialising in both retail and wholesale groceries with a turnover well above 100 million per year has decided to enter the cryptocurrency space with an innovative solution that changes the fate of the industry for good.


$30,000 worth of Baktat token in reward pool, based on your points.

Disclaimer: Please do your own research before joining to any airdrops project, also airdrop is 100% free. Don't send any fee or penny for receiving airdrop tokens. Just join airdrop for free.
4.6K views22:41
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2022-01-06 14:34:52 Attarius Network announces IDO in Q1 of 2022

Attarius Network is an all-in-one NFT ecosystem for the gaming industry, with a strong focus on accelerating the growth of blockchain gaming in the Middle East and Asia. The project provides easy-to-go decentralized solutions for game developers and players - a new revolution in play-to-earn and NFT.

Recently Attarius Network has announced that it is partnering up with KILT Protocol initial developer BOTLabs GmbH. Among other partners: Harmony, Human Guild, TwoFour54, ADgaming.

In the first quarter of 2022, the project is planning TGE and launching Attarius Coin (ATRN). It will be an Internal utility crypto-fuel of Attarius ecosystem, issued on a backbone of Attarius Network Blockchain. Attarius Coin can serve as a payment currency inside the Attarius ecosystem, as a fee settlement mechanism (payment for any transaction), and to create and run smart contracts.

4.1K viewsedited  11:34
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2021-12-17 15:39:34

It is the first token in Binance Chain based on the great football legends who as "testimonials of COC" promote our token through their social channels. Among its purposes, the creation of unique NFT cards of our sports legends and to offer the possibility of spending the token in the future through a stable coin in a retail marketplace.









3.4K views12:39
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