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Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino talks Bitcoin price, ecosystem and scaling
99.6K views05:29
Bernstein raises year-end bitcoin price target to $90,000, expects ‘mild’ halving impact on miners

Analysts at research and brokerage firm Bernstein have raised their year-end price target for bitcoin to $90,000 from $80,000 amid improved market dynamics. Ultimately, the analysts expect bitcoin to target $150,000 as the 2024-2025 cycle high, with Bitcoin’s upcoming halving event having less impact on miners than in previous years.

123.9K views18:28
First back-to-back net outflows for Bitcoin ETFs since late January due to $443 million GBTC outflow

Bitcoin ETFs saw a second day of outflows on March 19, the first instances of back-to-back outflows since Jan 25. Net outflows totaled $362 million, with Grayscale accounting for all outflows at $443 million. Most funds saw no net movement, with BlackRock, Fidelity, and Bitwise seeing inflows, according to Bitmex Research. BlackRock recorded just $75 million, Fidelity $39 million, and Bitwise $2.5 million in inflows on a rare poor performance day for the record-breaking Newborn Nine.

127.8K views05:39
Coinbase CEO says they're the custodian for ~90% of US spot Bitcoin ETF assets
74.4K views15:50
Bitcoin Halving Is a ‘Show Me the Money’ Moment for Miners

The notorious phrase from 1996’s “Jerry Maguire” movie is on the lips of investors watching the state of the Bitcoin mining market as it faces its next crunch point: April's Bitcoin Halving. Mining, an integral part of securing the bitcoin network, requires a lot of capital to operate profitably. And now, after a brutal crypto winter and with the upcoming halving next month, many investors have turned sour on what once was an outrageously profitable business, drying up capital for the miners.

126.3K views08:14
Bitwise CIO says 'we’re probably a few weeks away' from first wirehouse to support spot bitcoin ETFs

While no major wirehouse in the US has yet supported the new set of bitcoin ETFs, this situation could change soon. "We're probably a few weeks away from the first of those major warehouses approving it — maybe a week away," Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan said on a panel about bitcoin ETFs at the Digital Asset Conference in London. "And within a few months they'll all be able to.".

104.2K views16:49
"With every halving, the American Dream is getting cheaper in terms of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is giving a lot of young people hope."

- Natalie Brunell
78.5K views06:24
BTC and ETH Derivative Tokens Dominate by Securing Several Top Positions in the Crypto Economy

Throughout this month, bitcoin and ethereum have risen to their highest valuations in years. These two pivotal crypto assets have substantially influenced the cryptocurrency market, with bitcoin currently holding a 51.9% market dominance and ethereum at 17% as of mid-March 2024. Furthermore, in recent years, derivative tokens of bitcoin and ether have garnered significant popularity. Among these, STETH and WBTC stand out as preeminent, ranking within the top 20 of the crypto economy’s market capitalizations.

118.1K views16:32
“If you are going to invest in Bitcoin, a short time horizon is four years, a mid-time horizon is ten years, & the right time horizon is forever.”

- Michael Saylor in 2022
128.0K views08:02
El Salvador’s Bitcoin HODL Strategy Pays Off as Nation Sees 55% Profit

El Salvador, the pioneering country that approved Bitcoin as legal tender, has consistently adhered to its HODL strategy, even amidst the market crash from two years ago and the massive rise toward new ATH this week. According to its Bitcoin tracker, El Salvador has 2,864 BTC, whose current value is $188 million, acquired across 12 transactions at an average price of $42,630 each. Based on today’s market, Bitcoin has seen a 176% increase over the past year, pushing El Salvador’s unrealized gains to $66 million.

84.0K views18:10
Financial advisory network Cetera approves the use of 4 spot bitcoin ETFs

Wealth management and financial advisory firm Cetera approved the usage of four U.S. spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds for its network of 9,000 affiliated professionals. BlackRock’s IBIT, Fidelity’s FBTC, Franklin Templeton’s EZBC and Invesco’s BTCO were chosen due to the providers’ track record in successfully launching new product strategies, with the required resources, tools and knowledge, according to a statement from the company on Thursday.

91.2K views06:55
“They have more to fear by not embracing #Bitcoin than by embracing it.” - Saylor
93.5K views15:32
JAN3 CEO expects Bitcoin to hit a million within 24 months

“I think this year we hit a million, if not this year then next year but it’s coming very soon.”

- Samson Mow
116.7K views07:55
Court rules Craig Wright is Not Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto

UK High Court has declared that Dr. Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist, and businessman, is not the author of the Bitcoin whitepaper, did not create the Bitcoin system, and did not operate under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto from 2008 to 2011. The judgment comes as the culmination of the legal battle between Wright and the Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA).

123.8K views18:25
Lyn Alden interview on FOX as #bitcoin passes $72,000

“When the public debt is so high relative to the size of the economy like it is right now, the higher interest rate also blows out the deficit significantly.”

- Lyn Alden
122.8K views09:31
Michael Saylor just called everyone who uses fiat poor LMAO
76.3K views16:51
JUST IN: Tim Draper believes that El Salvador could eventually become one of the wealthiest countries in the world thanks to its investment in Bitcoin
46.1K views07:32
ARK Invest CEO Bitcoin price target is above 1M by 2030

“Our Bitcoin price target is now well above $1M by 2030, and with our new expectations for institutional involvement, the incremental price that we assume for institutions actually has more than doubled."

- Cathie Wood
89.0K views18:17
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105.4K views10:47
Trump says he has no intention of stopping people from using Bitcoin

Former US President Donald Trump said that Bitcoin is an “additional form of currency” that has “taken on a life” of its own, and he has no intention of stopping people from using it. Trump made the statement during an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box on March 11. His comments come amid a backdrop of growing interest in crypto as Bitcoin has once again entered price discovery mode after setting a new all-time high.

88.2K views06:50
JUST IN: Michael Saylor says Bitcoin is going to "eat" gold and has all the great attributes of gold.
109.4K views17:35
Bitcoin is the exit strategy of this corrupt system
64.1K views18:29
SEC Chair Gary Gensler tells Bloomberg that Bitcoin is a "highly speculative asset class" and is like a roller coaster
115.3K views07:30
Gensler Warns About Bitcoin: “Highly Speculative and Volatile Asset”

Gensler has repeatedly highlighted the volatile nature of digital assets. He compared Bitcoin to a rollercoaster, indicating the unpredictable price swings that investors may encounter. He stated, “This is a highly speculative asset class, one could just look at the volatility of bitcoin in the last few days”, drawing attention to the fluctuating prices that have characterized the bitcoin market.

127.4K views16:35
Mark Cuban tells CNBC that Bitcoin is a "great store of value" and that is why he is invested in it
82.7K views05:38
Fidelity’s FBTC spot bitcoin ETF hits record daily inflow of $473 million

Fidelity’s FBTC spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund hit record daily inflows of $473.4 million on Thursday — nearly double BlackRock’s $244.2 million haul for its usually dominant IBIT ETF. FBTC’s inflows yesterday were 17% higher than its previous $404.6 million record set on Monday, eclipsing the $472.6 million total net inflows registered on Thursday for all U.S. spot bitcoin ETFs combined, according to BitMEX Research data.

98.3K views19:20
Bitcoin reaches new all-time high of $70,000.
19.7K views16:16
SEC Chair Gary Gensler compares Bitcoin to a roller coaster and says it's a "highly speculative asset class."
76.7K views07:03
A visualization of the market cap of Bitcoin hitting a new all-time high
118.0K views18:29
Blackrock's Bitcoin ETF Adds 12,623 BTC in Largest Single-Day Purchase Since Launch

Blackrock’s spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), the Ishares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT), amassed the largest single-day bitcoin purchase since its Jan. 11 launch on Tuesday. This buying surge coincided with a bitcoin price correction, following the cryptocurrency’s new all-time high set just hours earlier. On Tuesday, IBIT saw a record inflow of $788.3 million, pushing the total net inflow for all 10 new spot bitcoin ETFs to $648.3 million.

73.3K views07:00