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27.2K views13:33
Hong Kong Bitcoin ETF Issuer ChinaAMC believes in-kind creation will attract not just institutional and retail investors but Bitcoin miners and large holders
26.9K views05:30
Standard Chartered says bitcoin price could fall further to $50,000

Bitcoin's price fall below the $60,000 mark could be the start of further pain to come, according to Standard Chartered Bank. "BTC's proper break below $60K has now reopened a route to the $50-52K range," Geoffrey Kendrick, head of Standard Chartered Bank's forex and digital assets research, said Wednesday in a statement to The Block. "The driver seems to be a combination of crypto-specific and broader macro."

27.1K views17:29
NEW: Bitcoin spot ETF recently went live in Hong Kong
26.7K views03:29
US spot bitcoin ETF outflows continue with $51.5 million more exiting

Spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds in the United States saw more than $51.5 million in net outflows yesterday. Notably, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust was not the biggest culprit. The ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF saw $31.34 million leave the product on April 29, while GBTC experienced $24.66 million in net outflows, per data from SoSoValue. The Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund also saw a net outflow of $6.85 million.

26.3K views17:04
Small Bitcoin holders are accumulating even as prices fall

Bitcoin prices fluctuated dramatically over the past month, a fascinating trend emerged among different Bitcoin holder categories. Analysis of Glassnode's latest data reveals that while larger entities were reducing their holdings, possibly due to profit-taking or reaction to market changes, smaller entities did just the opposite. The balance for entities holding between 0.01 - 0.1 BTC saw the most notable increase.

27.2K views07:01
Bitcoin Could Fall to $50K in ‘Correction Mode,’ Says Analyst

Bitcoin prices are in retreat again during Asian trading on Monday morning and analysts are predicting more pain ahead as the correction deepens. Bitcoin has fallen back to more than 15% down from its mid-March peak, dropping to a ten-day low of under $62,000 on Monday morning. On April 28, an analyst feed ‘Stockmoney Lizards’ noted that the halving was over, but bitcoin continues to print red candles.

27.1K views16:15
Transaction Fees Plunge to 35% of Bitcoin Miner Revenue Post-Halving: CryptoQuant

Transaction fees have fallen from $80 million on the halving day to $6 million as of April 26. The portion of Bitcoin miner revenue coming from transaction fees has fallen significantly after surging on the day of the last halving event. A CryptoQuant report revealed that transaction fees now represent 35% of total miner revenue, a significant decline from the 75% recorded on April 19.

27.1K views06:30
The greatest Bitcoin explanation of all time.
27.1K views04:30
DTCC rules out collateral for Bitcoin-linked ETFs

The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) — a financial services company that provides clearing and settlement services for the financial markets — stated that it will not allocate any collateral to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with exposure to Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies and will not extend loans against them.

27.0K views18:29
Runes generate over $135 million in fees in first week on Bitcoin network

The Runes token standard was recently launched on the Bitcoin network and has generated over 2129 bitcoin ($135 million) in transaction fees within its first week. Runes utilizes Bitcoin’s UTXO model and the OP_RETURN opcode to offer a more efficient tokenization solution for the network than the BRC20 standard (based on the Ordinals protocols). It allows users to mint tokens on top of Bitcoin, which are generally memecoins.

26.9K views05:49
ViaBTC's 'epic sat' from fourth Bitcoin halving block sells for 33.3 BTC ($2.13 million)

An "epic sat"—an exceptionally rare satoshi, the smallest unit of bitcoin, from Bitcoin's fourth halving block—sold for over $2 million. This milestone not only signifies Bitcoin's fourth halving but also includes a block identified as an epic 'Rare Satoshi' by the Ordinals numbering system," CoinEx Global wrote on the satoshi's auction page, adding on social media, "This auction isn't just a bidding event; it marked the community recognition, media attention and widespread embrace of Bitcoin."

26.8K views06:50
BREAKING: The EU reportedly prohibits use of anonymous hosted Bitcoin wallets and cash payments > €10,000
27.8K views15:32
Spot Bitcoin, Ether ETFs Get Official Approval in Hong Kong; 'Potential Fee War' Unfolding, Says Analyst

Hong Kong’s market regulator has officially approved the first batch of crypto-related spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs), a first for the city and a move that could establish it as Asia’s leading digital-asset hub and unleash further growth in the sector. The funds could start trading on April 30, Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Eric Balchunas said Wednesday, adding that the management fees are lower on average than previously expected.

27.5K views08:05
Bitcoin options worth over $6.3 billion set to expire this Friday on Deribit

Approximately $9.4 billion in cryptocurrency options are set to expire this Friday on the Deribit derivatives exchange. The majority of the options set to expire are bitcoin contracts, with a notional value of $6.35 billion. The put-call ratio ahead of Friday's end-of-month expiry is elevated at 0.68 — an increase in the amount of puts versus calls when compared to the previous week.

27.2K views17:01
Mining pool ViaBTC auctions rare Bitcoin ‘epic sat’ from recent halving event on CoinEx

ViaBTC, the world’s third-largest mining pool, is initiating an auction for the “epic sat” it uncovered during Bitcoin’s fourth halving event on April 20. “Epic sat” refers to the initial satoshi generated following each halving event, occurring approximately every four years after 210,000 blocks. With just 32 epic sats expected to exist, these units carry exceptional significance within the Bitcoin network. According to the auction page, the highest bid for the asset is 2 BTC, approximately $132,000, as of press time.

26.9K views05:35
Bitcoin transaction fees surge to make up 75% of miner revenue post-halving

Bitcoin’s fourth halving introduced a long-term and a short-term shift in miner revenue composition as it reduced the amount of BTC rewarded to miners for each mined block by 50% — directly impacting miner incentives and, by extension, the broader Bitcoin economy. On April 19, just before the halving, transaction fees constituted 11% of total.

26.9K views15:30
Pro-Bitcoin presidential candidate RFK Jr. says he will "put the entire US budget on blockchain" if elected in 2024.
27.5K views05:31
Why Coinbase holding 90% of Bitcoin ETF's should worry you says Adam O'Brien
26.9K viewsedited  18:02
DAVE PORTNOY: I wouldn’t buy Bitcoin at these levels. I’m don’t think I can stomach getting back in until it’s in the 40’s again
53.1K views18:45
The Bitcoin Halving explained.
27.2K views07:34
Grayscale Reveals 0.15% Fees For Its Bitcoin Mini Trust ETF

Bitcoin ETF provider Grayscale has provided some details of its spin-off fund, the Bitcoin Mini Trust (BTC), including a more competitive 0.15% fee than the uplisted mothership GBTC product, according to a pro forma financials in its latest filing. The filing also provides an illustrative example of the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) Grayscale will contribute to the mini fund: 63,204 bitcoin, or 10% of existing assets in GBTC, as per the filing. Shares of the BTC trust are to be issued and distributed automatically to holders of GBTC shares.

27.2K views17:29
Bitcoin's fourth halving block sees additional $2.4 million reward paid as fee

The fourth-ever Bitcoin halving block has been confirmed. The halving block appears to be from the crypto mining pool ViaBTC with an additional 37.6256 BTC ($2,401,399) "reward paid as fees of the 3,050 transactions which were included in the block," according to a bitcoin blockchain explorer from To be sure, it's possible this block can be changed after it's been confirmed.

27.0K views06:50
BREAKING: Bitcoin halving officially complete.
27.2K views01:05
Scaramucci says Bitcoin is ‘still very young,’ predicts $200k long-term price after halving

SkyBridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci said that Bitcoin is “still very young” in terms of adoption and predicted significant long-term growth despite its current volatility and recent price fluctuations influenced by global events. In an interview focused on the flagship crypto’s trajectory, Scaramucci highlighted that Bitcoin is still early in its adoption curve, likening its current stage to the early days of the internet around 1999.

26.8K views17:31
URPD metric indicates a lack of liquidity for Bitcoin below $60,000

Bitcoin experienced a 4% rally on April 18, bouncing back from just below $60,000 on April 17. CryptoSlate has identified $58.8k as a major support level — which is the short-term holder realized price (STH RP) that has previously acted as support during bull runs. If Bitcoin drops below the support level, it could signal a bearish trend, similar to the breach of STH RP in May 2021 that kicked off the bear market.

27.1K views01:25
Bitcoin's Bullish Trajectory Should Resume After the Halving, Analysts Say

Global asset management firm Alliance Bernstein’s analysts Gautam Chhugani and Mahika Sapra shared their perspectives on the Bitcoin halving in a note to clients on Wednesday. Bernstein predicted in November last year that the price of bitcoin could reach $150,000 by 2025. Chhugani stated at the time that this prediction is driven by optimism of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approving spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

27.0K views16:54
Runes hype pushes transaction fees on Bitcoin higher

The bitcoin halving is almost upon us. While this is mostly exciting since it slows bitcoin's issuance, cutting the block reward down to 3.125 BTC, some people are excited about it because of Runes. Runes is a new protocol from Casey Rodarmor, the Bitcoin developer behind Ordinals. While the primary ideas behind Ordinals focused on bringing non-fungibility to Bitcoin, by differentiating specific satoshis by the order in which they were minted, the BRC-20 token standard also emerged, helping to bring new issuance of fungible tokens to the network.

27.1K views07:30
Funding rate turns negative as Bitcoin drops below $64k

In the volatile world of cryptocurrency, perpetual futures are a go-to for many traders. These contracts don't expire, relying instead on a mechanism called the funding rate to balance market forces. Recently, Bitcoin's perpetual futures saw a dramatic shift. Typically steadied by consistent positive funding rates, a sudden plunge into negative territory coincided with geopolitical turmoil and a significant drop in Bitcoin's price.

27.1K views15:44
Exchanges expected to run out of Bitcoin 9 months after halving – Bybit report

A recent analysis by crypto exchange Bybit has sounded the alarm on a potential shortage of Bitcoin (BTC) on exchanges by the end of 2024 if demand remains at similar levels. The report predicts that reserves could be entirely depleted within the next nine months if current withdrawal rates persist — currently around 7000 BTC per day. The shortage forecast is closely tied to the anticipated halving event in 2024, which will cut the Bitcoin production on each block by half.

27.4K views06:25