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BlackRock's spot bitcoin ETF surpasses 300,000 BTC in assets under management

BlackRock’s IBIT spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund crossed 300,000 ($21 billion) in assets under management on Thursday, five months after trading began on Jan. 11. BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF has now accumulated 302,534 BTC, according to its fund page, with around 4,920 BTC in net inflows yesterday taking it over the milestone. GBTC originally operated as a private placement fund before transitioning to public trading on the OTC market in 2015 and its ultimate conversion to an ETF in January.

26.9K views04:50
Michael Saylor gives another must see explanation on why Bitcoin is going up forever, Laura!
26.4K views09:00
"The rapid movement of Bitcoin is lost for some people. They may have forgotten what it felt like in past bull runs where it went up massively."

- Samson Mow
25.8K views19:45
Robert Kiyosaki Says His Prediction of Bitcoin Hitting $350K in August 'Is Not a Lie' — Also Bullish on Ethereum and Solana

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has emphasized that his prediction of bitcoin hitting $350K on Aug. 25 “is not a lie.” He also expressed his bullish outlook for ethereum and solana, noting that he will keep buying the three cryptocurrencies because he is “quite certain their prices will continue to rise.”

26.6K views05:04
Bitcoin mining difficulty sees second negative adjustment following April halving

According to Newhedge, Bitcoin’s mining difficulty has decreased by -0.78%. This is the second negative adjustment in the last four, following the Bitcoin halving on April 20. The halving led to a delayed hash rate drawdown due to sustained high fees from Runes, which incentivized some miners to stay online.

26.3K views16:09
Analysts Bullish on Bitcoin: QCP Capital Foresees New All-Time Highs in June

Several analysts and researchers have a positive outlook on bitcoin’s prices for June. This week, QCP Capital observed that their trading desk witnessed a “strong bullish follow-through with significant call buying for June expiries.” This trend in the options market suggests a possible move past the $74,000 level. While ethereum is “lagging,” QCP anticipates it will soon catch up and “possibly even outperform against [bitcoin] when the [ethereum] spot [exchange-traded funds] begin trading.”

26.2K views07:59
JUST IN: Galaxy Digital CEO says Bitcoin could end the year at $100,000 or higher
26.4K views17:31
Bitcoin active addresses plummet to five-year low

Bitcoin’s active addresses have seen significant fluctuations recently. Following the April 2024 halving, the number of active addresses dropped to a three-year low, driven by a spike in transaction fees and network congestion. This fee increase, partly due to new protocols like Runes, has impacted Bitcoin’s utility for daily transactions, causing a notable decline in network activity.

26.5K views09:59
Chamath has his team do the math on the Bitcoin halving and comes up with cycle high targets ranging between $200k - $500k
25.8K views05:31
British-Chinese Woman Sentenced to 6 Years for Laundering Bitcoin in $6B Scam

In a high-profile case involving a massive cryptocurrency fraud, a British-Chinese woman, Jian Wen, has been sentenced to six years and eight months in prison for her role in laundering Bitcoin proceeds from a $6 billion investment scam in China. Wen, aged 42, was found guilty in March of laundering Bitcoin on behalf of her former boss, Yadi Zhang, whose real name is Zhimin Qian.

26.2K views08:09
Mt. Gox Bitcoin Moves Will Cause No Immediate Selling Pressure: CryptoQuant

Analysts from the market intelligence platform CryptoQuant say the recent bitcoin (BTC) moves by the defunct crypto exchange Mt. Gox are no cause for alarm and would cause no immediate selling pressure on the digital asset. According to the latest weekly report from the analytics firm, the transfers were executed between Mt. Gox’s trustee addresses and are not a sign that creditor repayments have begun.

26.3K views18:54
Luke Broyles makes the case on how there is $500 Billion chasing the remaining Bitcoin supply on exchanges that could send the price parabolic
26.4K views05:29
Ark Invest’s spot bitcoin ETF logs record $100 million in daily net outflows

Spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds in the U.S. logged their 13th consecutive day of net inflows on Thursday, drawing in $48.71 million. Major movements of funds were spotted in two bitcoin funds from Fidelity and from Ark Invest and 21Shares yesterday. Fidelity’s FBTC led net inflows worth $119 million, while Ark’s ARKB saw nearly $100 million in net outflows, according to data from SoSoValue. ARKB’s Thursday outflow marked its largest since its debut in January.

26.5K views17:54
Bitcoin faces Mt Gox uncertainty while ether awaits ETF inflows, notes QCP Capital

Bitcoin's price may be hampered by uncertainty surrounding the potential Mt. Gox bitcoin supply hitting the market by October, QCP Capital's analysts said. However, according to the team's report on Thursday, this uncertainty could potentially benefit ether upon the launch of the spot ETH ETF. "With the market consolidating in the range and eagerly awaiting the ether spot ETF launch, accumulators continue to be attractive, allowing traders to consistently accumulate ether at a discount," QCP Capital analysts added.

26.6K views06:09
BlackRock’s IBIT continues to lead net inflows in spot bitcoin ETFs

Spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds in the U.S. recorded a total daily net inflow of $28.32 million on Wednesday. The funds continued to log their 12th consecutive day of inflows, marking the longest streak since the last week of February. The inflows were led by BlackRock’s IBIT, which drew in $24.5 million worth of funds according to data from SoSoValue. Grayscale’s GBTC saw net outflows of $31 million.

26.0K views16:39
Mastercard just launched Crypto Credential, which allows you to send Bitcoin to any customer at an exchange with a simple username, instead of a wallet address
26.4K views05:30
Blackrock’s IBIT Nears Grayscale’s GBTC in Bitcoin Reserves

According to the latest statistics, U.S. spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) experienced ten consecutive days of positive inflows. Notably, during a third of those days, Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) faced outflows and neutral activity. Conversely, Blackrock’s IBIT saw inflows on most of the ten trading days. During the past ten trading days, spot bitcoin ETFs accumulated over a billion U.S. dollars in net inflows, with each day showing a positive influx.

26.5K views15:10
Bankrupt Mt. Gox trustee said it is not selling Bitcoin

The Rehabilitation Trustee of the defunct crypto exchange Mt. Gox has confirmed that it has not sold its significant Bitcoin holdings despite transferring over 140,000 BTC (approximately $10 billion) today. The trustee clarified in a May 28 statement that preparations to repay creditors were ongoing. According to the firm, the bankruptcy process will compensate creditors with fiat currency, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. While fiat currency payments have already begun, creditors have not received digital asset payments.

26.7K views17:10
Bitcoin ETF approval was the ‘crossing of the chasm’ for its asset class size, says Michael Saylor

MicroStrategy Chairman Michael Saylor said the Bitcoin ETF approvals in January were not only important but cemented Bitcoin’s size as an asset class. “The single most important thing that happened in this epic was the approval of the spot Bitcoin ETFs,” said Saylor on the What Bitcoin Did podcast. “That was the crossing of the chasm which said that Bitcoin is not a multi-one hundred billion dollar asset class, bitcoin is a ten to 100 trillion dollar asset class.”.

26.4K views06:35
Argentina to Collaborate With El Salvador in Adopting Bitcoin: Report

Argentinian authorities are looking to work with officials in the Bitcoin-friendly El Salvador to enhance their adoption of the leading digital asset. According to an official report from the Argentinian National Securities Commission (CNV), the agency’s president and vice president, Roberto Silva and Patricia Boedo, held a meeting with Juan Reyes, the president of El Salvador’s National Digital Assets Commission (CNAD), last week to discuss the Central American country’s experience in adopting Bitcoin.

27.4K views17:10
Venezuelan Authorities Seize Over 6,000 Bitcoin Miners in 2 New Operations; Over 17,000 Confiscated In Total

Venezuelan authorities led by the National Power Ministry and Corpoelec, the state-owned power company, have seized over 6,000 bitcoin miners in two new operations. The ministry, which recently declared that it would disconnect all bitcoin miners due to its high energy consumption, has already confiscated over 17,000 miners from several mining farms.

27.2K views06:45
Donald Trump says "I will ensure that the future of crypto and Bitcoin will be made in the USA…I will support the right to self custody to the nations 50 million crypto holders."
16.6K views05:01
Bitcoin is up 200% since Jim Cramer said it is about to go down big
27.1K views06:41
JUST IN: SEC approves spot Ethereum ETFs.
26.0K views00:58
Spot bitcoin ETFs maintain positive momentum as FIT21 bill passes House vote

Spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds in the U.S. reported total net inflows of $153.91 million on Wednesday, logging their eighth consecutive day of net inflows. BlackRock’s IBIT recorded the largest net inflows of $92 million among the 11 ETFs, according to data from SoSoValue. Fidelity’s spot bitcoin ETF followed with inflows of $75 million, while Ark Invest and 21Shares’ fund drew in $3 million on Wednesday.

25.9K views17:31

Laszlo made the first real-world transaction on May 22, 2010 using Bitcoin to purchase two Papa John's pizzas for 10,000 $BTC

Those 10,000 bitcoins are worth $701 million today
26.3K views06:29
WisdomTree first to get nod from FCA on spot Bitcoin ETP ahead of multi-product UK launch

WisdomTree has received approval from the Financial Conduct Authority to list its physically-backed Bitcoin and Ethereum ETPs on the London Stock Exchange. This approval allows WisdomTree to introduce the WisdomTree Physical Bitcoin and WisdomTree Physical Ethereum ETPs, targeting the May 28 lifting of UK restrictions. These ETPs, available exclusively to professional investors, have a management expense ratio of 0.35%, making them reportedly among the lowest fee institutional-grade crypto ETPs in Europe.

26.9K views15:40
Bitcoin Price to Soar as Japan’s Economy Worsens: BitMEX’s Arthur Hayes

The weakening Japanese yen could potentially lead to actions that drive up the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, according to former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes. His central argument revolves around the fact the Japanese yen has been rapidly weakening against the US dollar due to the large interest rate differential between the two currencies. This hurts Japan’s export competitiveness against China.

27.1K views06:14
Bitcoin to Reach $420K by Decade's End, Says Ric Edelman

Ric Edelman, founder of Edelman Financial Engines, forecasts bitcoin will reach $420,000 by the decade’s end. He explained that if 1% of the world’s $738 trillion in financial assets were allocated to bitcoin, it would result in $7.4 trillion in inflows, raising bitcoin’s price to $420,000.

26.8K views06:00
Number of new Bitcoin wallets drops to lowest level since 2018

Six months ago, excitement around spot Bitcoin ETFs, developments in the Bitcoin ecosystem such as Ordinals, and the upcoming halving drove the average weekly number of new Bitcoin addresses to approach its highest levels since its all-time high value in December 2017. Yet six months on, just like in early 2018, the number of new addresses joining the network has cratered as the fervor around new Bitcoin projects dies down.

26.8K views16:20